Vibro-acoustic Body Pillow and Sound System
The Vibroacoustic Body Pillow is filled with beans that mould to your body. The built in Somatron speaker sends out vibrations that are physically felt by your body whilst also providing aural stimulation.

The wonderful soothing vibrations relax tight muscles and stimulate circulation. Helps develop sensory awareness and provides deep relaxation.

Vibro-Acoustic Water Bed
The Somatron speaker built in to the water mattress provides tactile stimulation which lets clients feel the music as well as hear it for a full body experience of sound, vibration and water sensation.

Permeate your whole body with soothing and relaxing music vibrations whilst benefitting from the warmth of the water bed. Comes with a raised hoist platform.

Vibro-Acoustic Lounger Chair
This deep seated firm backed Lounger has very soft edges which makes it ideal for snuggling back into and feeling the resonance from the built-in Somatron Vibroacoustic speaker.

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