Ultra Violet

UV Fluorescent Paint Pots
A set of 9 water based pots of paint that glow brightly under UV light. Each pot is filled with 30g (26ml) of paint that is ideal for use in any Black Room or UV area. Guidance information for when you use the paints is also provided.

UV Glasses
A set of reusable, plastic glasses that glow brightly under UV light. Each set consists of two tumblers in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Great fun for any Black Room or UV area.

Glow in the Dark Gloves
A pair of gloves made from a comfortable, soft and stretchy fabric that allows for a perfect fit on your hands. Originally designed for signing in the dark. Great fun for any dark room and glows furiously under UV light. Fits on adult's hand.

Glow in the Dark Rainbow Springs
A set of four, colourful rainbow springs that glow in the dark.

UV Light
A Boxed Ultra Violet Light complete. Suitable for ceiling fixing.

Multi Function UV Lantern
This very versatile ultra violet lantern provides: 12v of Ultra Violet light, spotlight torch, red flashing light on one side and an amber flashing light on the other side. The twin Ultra Violet light tubes give an excellent wash of Ultra Violet light.

Ideal for visual work in a dark room. Comes with rechargeable batteries and AC/DC mains adapter.

UV Ripple Mat
Glows intensely under UV light for great visual stimulation, it creates a jewel like stained glass effect if hung at a window and the woven structure offers great tactile interest.
Place on the floor, table top or wall mount.
Really tough and safe to handle with bound edges for a smooth finish.
Great to use inside your Sensory Hide Away Den.
PVC, easy to clean and durable.
Size:1000mm x 1000mm.

UV Tube Drum
An interesting and stimulating toy. The five tubes are filled with fluorescant material that glows intensely under Ultra Violet light. It also rotates at the slightest touch.
Base Size: 240mmW x 220mmH

UV Sensory Bag
The UV Sensory Bag is a fantastic resource to brighten up your sensory room. If you don't have an existing UV light simply change the bulb in any regular light fitting to create a stunning visual effect, please state whether you require a bayonet or screw fitting when ordering.
Make lessons fun using UV reactive resources - why not make a fantastic collage using Flourescent Markers and Sticky Notes.
This sensory bag is an ideal way to introduce UV into any darkened environment.

UV Shaker Tubes
Clear plastic tubes filled with UV granules that glow furiously in Ultra Violet light.
Shake it, watch the granules and listen to the unusual noise. An excellent tactile tool for developing grip skills.

Available in green, yellow and red, please state colour when ordering.

Size: 220mmL x 30mm diameter.

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