Tactile Panels

Tubey Tactile Panel
The exciting Tubey Tactile Wall Panel has been designed to maximise visual and tactile stimulations for people of all ages. The abacus, air balls, coloured wooden balls and ball tube are all ideal for motion and colour work. Spirals, clatter balls and chains provide auditory and visual stimulation. Shaped mirrors aid communication awareness. Hard and soft textures panels, rubber Koosh Balls and the cotton mophead provide enjoyable tactile sensations to explore. Comes with wall fixing bracket and ball collection tray.

Fibre Optic Tactile Panel
Incorporating strong visual fibre optics throughout the board. Press the top switch to turn on the black fibre optic carpet, a soft tactile sensation with 128 glowing fibres. A second switch turns on a myriad of fibre optic sparkles dotted throughout the board amongst the many other tactile experiences. Operates on 240v transformed to 12v.

Corridor Tactile Panel
An exciting Corridor Tactile Panel incorporating key elements from the Acoustic and Fibre Optic Tactile Wall Panels. Press the Big Switch to make the black Fibre Optic Carpet sparkle brightly, or press the switch on the two communicators allowing nonverbal children to initiate communication throughout the day. Explore the mirrors, sheepskin secret pockets, balls, chains, tambourine, abacus, spinners and ratchets. All providing stimulation and different sensory experiences.

UV Tactile Panel
This stunning new addition to our Tactile Wall Panel range is a must for any UV corner or Black Room. Incorporating all the usual features you come to expect from a Spacekraft Tactile Panel this has the added benefit of coming to life under UV light.

Lots of tactile items to explore as you make you way around this visually stunning panel.

UV Mirror Line Lite Wall
Feel the many strands of tubing brought to life by the built in UV light, cascading down in front of the mirror panel. The visual experience is enhanced by the mirror. Comes complete with Wall Fixing Brackets.

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