Bloc Switches
Very Popular and easy to press, Bloc Switches are also available in a choice of UV reactive, red, yellow, green or blue.

Raised Bloc Switch
Bloc Switches with tactile raised shapes which shine brightly under UV light. Available with a variety of shapes (square, circle, triangle, diamond, hexagon or star ) and colours (red, yellow, green or blue).

UV Davenport Switches
A single action switch with a rod that shines brightly under UV light. Also available in natural finish. Other rod colours available.

Slimline Switch
A Slimline Switch that is activated by pressing the brightly coloured plate. With an overall height of just 10mm, the large surface plate requires very little pressure ensuring ease of use. Also available in Red, Yellow and Blue.

Single Pressure Pad Switch
Single Pressure Pad which activates with little pressure exerted. For floor use.

Universal Switch Mounting System
A system for mounting switches quickly and easily. One lever locks all the joints into position. Arm extends to 520mm. Includes a strong clamp to anchor the system on to many surfaces from wheelchair frames to table edges. Capable of holding upto 2 kilos. Supplied with large mounting plate for Big Switch or Big Mack.

Mercury Tilt Switch
A switch that is operated by being tilted forwards or backwards through just a few degrees. This makes it appropriate for users with very little movement.

Musical Bead Chain Switch
This innovative Bead Chain Switch is great for developing the concept of cause and effect. Movement of the Beads will turn on the built-in music box. As long as the Beads are being manipulated, the music stays on. Can also be used as an external capability switch when connected to an adapted toy or device.

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