Squeeze Vests
The Inflatable Deep Pressure Vest

What is Squease?
Squease is an inflatable deep pressure vest designed for people with sensory processing and sensitivity issues. The sensation of deep pressure can help them to:
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • deal with sensory sensitivity and overload
  • improve body awareness and concentration
  • relax and fall asleep
  • ease transitions between activities

The Squease vest is comparable to weighted vests, but different because no weights are used. When the vest is inflated it becomes tighter and applies a firm hug-like pressure to the upper body. Zipped inside the clever Squease hooded top or worn under a jumper or shirt, the vest can't be seen - even when inflated!

What is said about Squease?
People who have tried Squease have had good results: 'the pressure vest helps to relieve my anxiety. It literally "keeps me in my body", a pleasant and safe feeling!'

The pressure can easily be changed using the hand pump: 'it is nice that you can self-regulate how much pressure you apply to your body.'

Squease can help in everyday situations: 'my son has worn the vest at night and did not get out of bed those nights. He seemed very satisfied when I tucked him in.'

Squease is available in 3 sizes. The circumference of each size can be easily adjusted using hooked-loop fasteners.

Small Adult Chest 76-88cm
Medium Adult Chest 82-98cm
Large Adult Chest 88-108cm

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