Wilkins International - Wilkins Sensory Kit
Sensory Kit B
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Wilkins Sensory Kit - $199
(includes all of the below products)

Ice Bubble Lamp 20178 (one lamp only)
A battery powered ever changing multi coloured LED light illuminates the plastic tube filled with look a like ice and a stream of bubbles. The ice tube can be hand held or attached to the LED light base.
Requires 3 x AA batteries (included) Size 300mmH

Bubble Tracking Lamp 20179
Slow moving globules of air rise through the plastic tube which can be hand held or placed on the LED light base. The LED light is an ever changing movement of light and illuminates the Tracking Lamp.
Requires 3 x AA batteries (included) Size 300mmH

Vibrating Bug 34000 and Frog Massager 34003 (Qty 4)
These vibrating creatures dance around and provide soothing vibration to touch. To turn them on you just press their nose.
Requires 2 x AA batteries (included) Size 100mmD x 100mmH

Vibrating Pig Massager 34002
Press the pigs nose to turn on the soothing vibrations. The pig can be hand held or placed in the purple holder which makes an ideal foot massager.
Requires 2 x AA batteries (included) Size 120mmL x 70mmW x 80mmH

Hand Held Massager 40344 (Qty 2)
Press the massager gently to your body to activate soothing vibrations. Works only when pressed.
Requires 2 x AA batteries (included) Size 115mmL x 70mmW

Squishee Massager 40347
A revolutionary foot massager with a soft, squishy micro-bead filling which cradles the feet. A vibrating motor provides the most comfortable foot massage ever. Satin-soft stretchy fabric covering with rubberised non-slip base.
Size 260mmW x 360mmL x 160mmH

Massager Har Brush
A versatile Massage Hair Brush that features angles nylon bristles and comes with three interchangeable massage surfaces for the reverse. Helpful for people who are sensitive to having their hair brushed
Requires 2 x AA batteries (included)