Sensory Balls

Spiky Stretch Balls
A set of soft spiky balls that provide a unique tactile feel. They are ideal for exercising the hands as they can be squeezed or stretched. Colours may vary.

Massage Peanut Rolls
A set of two massage peanut rolls that can be used for massaging, reflexology and relaxation therapy.

Mini Kixz Playballs
A set of soft, hollow balls with bells inside. These soft yet resilient balls have a very low bounce making them excellent for both playground and skill development activities. Ideal for the visually impaired. Comes as a set of six different colours.

Clear Massage Balls
A set of four easy to catch massage balls each with a bumpy surface that is very tactile.

Sensation Ball
This exciting ball is extremely tactile and pliable and contains two hard balls inside making the bounce unpredictable.

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