Aura Projector
The Opti Aura is an ideal home use dimmable LED projector, with WIFI Connectivity and off timer capabilities. Features and Benefits:
- Dimmable Bright LED - sharp bright light for bedroom or small space but dimmable for bedtime
- Fitted Off Timer - perfect to set before naptime or bedtime
- Integral Rotator - No need to buy an additional wheel rotator
- WIFI connectivity for remote control (will connect to any web enabled device meaning that the projector can be operated by an adult not in the same room as their child)
- 12V DC Low Voltage - Extraordinarily cheap to run and can be used worldwide
- Long Life Lamp (LED) - low maintenance
- Can be mounted upon a wall or situated upon a table (Mount Included)
- Cool and virtually silent - Can be used continuously
- Compatible with all 6" Effect Wheels

Solar 250 Projector
It accepts all standard rotators and accessories. Ideal for themeing, story telling and relaxation. The unit requires either a wheel or cassette rotator and effects wheel or cassette.

Solar 100 Projector
The OPTI Solar 100C Effects Projector is lightweight, compact and simple to use.

Deflector Mirror
Highly recommended, the Deflector Mirror fixes easily to the focusing lens of the projector. The simple device angles the projected image onto the floor or ceiling.

Thus avoiding tilting the projector more than 30 degrees from the horizontal which considerably shortens the life of the lamp.

Wheel Rotator 1/2 Rpm
Projector 6" Effect Wheel Rotator is required to rotate a Projector 6" Wheel, the majority of which produce their best results at 1/2 rpm.
Speed = 1/2 RPM.

3 Inch Effect Cassette
Used in conjunction with a 3" Cassette Rotator, this cassette produces a kaleidoscope of moving patterns and colours.

Liquid Wheel
The Projector 6" Liquid Wheel provides warm abstract colours to your sensory room.

Effect Wheels
Attached to the Wheel Rotator, the effect wheel turns slowly producing strong visual scenarios.

Projection Brolly
The Brolly is an instant projection screen, enabling you to present projected images within anyone's field of vision. Ideal for bringing images close up to a person.

Wall Bracket
This new fixing bracket allows you to hang your piece of equipment onto the wall within easy reach for changing lamps and effect wheels but out of the reach of children.

This versatile bracket is ideal for wall hanging a projector but can also be used for pinspots and par cans. Please ensure that the bracket has been fitted correctly and tested before use.

Pack of Eight Pens
Pack of 8 coloured pens, ideal for use with the Blank Effect Wheel.

Galaxy Star Projector
Bring the universe inside with this amazing projector.
All new laser and holographic technology transforms the largest or smallest room into your own animated galaxy comprising thousands of stars (including shooting stars), with or without cloud formations.
The Galaxy Star Projector creates a truly breathtaking light show experience, yet requires no set up - just plug in and turn on.
Fully adjustable with two built-in precision glass lenses.
AC adapter included.
Size: 220mmW x 250mmL x 270mmH

Space Projector
The Space Projector rotates coloured oils to produce moving patterns.
The image can be directed onto ceilings or walls.
A powerful visual effect for tracking and colour work.
Available in two colour combinations; Blue/Yellow and Red/Blue.
Operates on 240v.
Spare Lamp available - Part No 35113

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