Musical Instruments
Temple Drum
Temple Drums are an easy to play steel tongue percussion drum, you don't need a musical background to enjoy them. The drum head note layout makes it simple to jump right in to creating a soothing harmonic sound and percussive beats. The strong melodic and meditative tones are calming and great for relaxing, or you can kick it up a notch and play them hard and loud. Temple Drums are tough and durable enough to withstand a good beating, and you can even use them outside. The compact drums are designed to be used in your lap or on a tray or table top. Each note is carefully hand tuned, creating accurate tone and balance, the notes' vibration also create desirable overtones. Each Temple Drum is supplied with a pair of beaters. Temple Drums are available in 3 sizes:

Frame Drum with Handles
A 200mm drum with natural head, easy to hold handle and wooden beater. Available singly or as a set of three.

Samba Drums
A set of three quality free standing Samba Drums with natural skins. Comes complete with a purpose built carrier bag and three drum beaters.

Metal Xylophone
This easy to play xylophone has twelve metal tubes to strike all mounted on a wooden base. Comes complete with beater.

Wooden Xylophone
This colourful Xylophone has eight wooden notes mounted on a wooden base. Comes complete with two wooden mallets and a handy carrying bag.

Musical Chimes Set
A set of eight individual chimes that can be struck with the two beaters provided. Comes complete with a handy bag for storage.

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