Our comprehensive range of multisensory products and equipment provides a wide choice of options for carers, therapists, parents, teachers and others responsible for catering for people of all ages with special needs.

Wilkins International has supplied products for individual requirements in their homes and installed fully interactive multisensory rooms in various organisations such as special schools, hospitals, aged care facilities and respite centres throughout Australia and New Zealand for many years. As a consequence we are able to assist in the choice of products, offer a free service in planning and designing a multisensory room and advise in the preparation of submissions for the necessary funding when this is required.

The following information is provided for those seeking details on what is meant by "Multisensory" or for those requiring a further understanding of the subject.

Starting a Sensory Room
The initial stages of a starting a Multisensory Room can be a difficult task. Knowing what the clients sensory needs are, and how they can motivate and improve their sensory awareness is most important.