Light & Sound

LED Starburst
The NEW LED Starburst has 8 programs that produce a visually stunning, colourful lighting display using the latest LED technology.

Comes complete with an Easy 8 way wireless switch. Great for tracking, colour recognition and encouraging communication

The Ultimate Fanlite
With a clap of your hands or any form of vocalization the The Ultimate Fanlite provides you with a stunning visual reward.

The Ultimate Fanlite has the following features:
  • High brightness LED's to give a truly stunning range of vibrant colours
  • Never replace a lamp again with LED lights that last 30,000 hours
  • Speed, fade and sensitivity settings help fine tune the programsto suit each individuals needs and preferences
  • LED technology that not only moves the display from left to right but also up and down
  • An extremely sensitive on board microphone where even a small noise is enough to activate the display
  • Plug in external microphone ideal for wheelchair users or quiet voices
  • Low profile case with a depth of only 90mm ideal to slot into Softplay walls

Some of the programs that are available to you are as follows:
  • Automatic sequence - no microphone input required
  • Random dots activated by sound
  • Build up of the illuminated lights from left to right
  • Colours building upwards from the middle
  • Colours building inwards from top to bottom
And many more!

The Ultimate Fanlite is a fantastic piece of equipment that encourages vocalization and communication and helps develop basic cause and effect skills.

LED Colourbox
Ideal for colour games, a self-contained, portable box with a 'stage' area lit by brilliant LED coloured light.

Place different items on the stage and see how their colour reacts under different LED coloured lights. Automatic sequencing cycles through the full spectrum while eight control buttons enable the user to effect immediate colour changes.

Press the RGB button, located on the right hand side of the box to activate control over pairs of buttons to allow exploration of colour-mixing with light; press 'red' and 'green' together to make yellow, 'green' and 'blue' to make cyan and 'red' and 'blue' to make magenta.

Also suitable for use with UV products; see UV items fluoresce brightly in the shorter wavelengths of the spectrum between cyan and magenta.

LED Touch Wall
A fabulous magical wall panel which lights up with an ever-changing spectrum of LED coloured light at the slightest touch. There are ten different effect programmes to explore; brush your hand over the panel area to receive a rainbow wash of colour where your hand has passed; activate a radiating sequence of crosses, squares, circles or Xs, a rising sequence of numerals, create geometric shapes or activate a radar sweep; play catch the snake or fill the wall area with a calming sequence of coloured waves and create ripples in the 'surface', all simply by touching any part of the wall panel.

Shortlisted in the ICT Accessibility category of the 2008 Nasen awards. The Touch Wall incorporates fully adjustable settings for speed, fade length and colour to suit the needs and preferences of any user.

The Touch Wall operates the following programmes:

  • Trails - Paint with light, wherever you move your hand the light follows.
  • Crosses - Touch the screen to create a cross.
  • Plus - Touch the screen to create a plus sign.
  • Radar - Touch the screen to create a radar-like swirl effect.
  • Squares - Touch the screen to create squares.
  • Circles - Touch the screen to create circles.
  • Numbers - Touch the screen to create a number sequence.
  • Snake - Touch the end of the moving snake and gain a reward.
  • Shapes - Touch the screen and create shapes.
  • Ripples - Touch the screen to produce a water ripple effect.

LED Interactive Infinity Tunnel
The LED Interactive Infinity Tunnel offers users total control over a never-ending tunnel of ever-changing coloured LED lights, using switches to effect lighting changes in the tunnel.

For use by up to four pupils, each with their own switch; the LED Interactive Infinity Tunnel encourages awareness and develops communication skills.

The Interactive Infinity Tunnel operates 15 different programmes:

1. Automatic sequence with speed control.
2. Manual sequence - press any switch.
3. Four-colour build-up - press any switch.
4. Momentary: single colour - individual colours come on only when the switch is on.
5. Latched: single colour - individual colours come on when the switch is pressed and stay on until the switch is pressed again.
6. Latched: build-up - allows build-up of colours each time a switch is pressed, lights stay on until the switch is pressed again.
7. Momentary: build-up - allows build-up of colours each time a switch is pressed and held on.
8. Automatic sequence with speed control: two colours at one time.
9. Manual sequence: forward and reverse - press any switch.
10. Momentary: full colour - all colours come on only when the switch is on.
11. Two-switch reward - press any two switches together to light up.
12. 2 LED manual sequence - press any switch.
13. 3 LED manual sequence - press any switch.
14. 3 LED automatic sequence with speed control.
15. Automatic sequence: colour cycle with speed control

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