Interactive Softplay
Softplay Piano
Roll, press and stomp on this giant softplay piano to create an auditory reward. Not only does the piano have 3 different chromatic scales and 1 set of chords, there are also 4 sets of pre-loaded sound effects installed for a quirky take on playing the piano. Teachers and carers can control which sounds can be heard, by making selections through the control panel you can also enjoy your own collection of musical sounds by loading them through the USB interface from your computer. Includes Softplay piano floorpad, control panel and built in speaker. Piano size: L1800 x W810 x H90mm

Softplay Xylophone
Add colour and sound to your sensory room or play area. This large step on and play, softplay 'xylophone' can be used on the floor or placed on a tabletop and played by hand. Hop between notes, roll along the scales or jump to create a crash of sound. Easy to play, children are instantly rewarded with musical notes from the chromatic scale and fun sound effects, which are pre-loaded onto the system and can be selected by the teachers and carers to fit the days activities. Enjoy your own collection of sounds or music, by loading them through the USB interface from your computer. Comprises a softplay floor pad, control panel and speaker.
Size of floor pad: H90 x W450 x L1800mm

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