Fibre Optics

Fibre Optics
Turn on the Fibre Optics lightsource and watch the fibres twinkle as a conventional sideglow with the added enjoyment of the bright sparkling strands of the UV Sparkleflex strands glowing furiously when used in conjunction with UV light.

Sideglow and Lightsource
A spray of optic fibres which constantly change colour along their full length. Safe to handle, colour changes encourage the focusing of attention.

Fibre Optic Lightsource Seat
An ingenious way to cover the Lightsource. Place the seat over the source and thread the fibres through the ready made hole. Enables pupils to sit down close to the fibres in comfort.

2m x 1m Fibre Optic Carpet and Lightsource
A black carpet with changing colour optical fibres woven into the pile which creates a stunning shimmering effect. Ideal for visual and tactile experiences. Can be laid on existing floor covering.

Fibre Optic Curtain Kit
Forms a stunning 1m wide shimmering curtain. Supplied with 150 strand x 3m Fibre Optic Sideglow and fan cooled lightsource.

Interactive LED Lightsource and 8-Way Switch
Using the latest in Wire-free technology, the 8-way button switch allows you to choose from seven bright vivid colours and to stop and start the fibre optic twinkling effect.

The Wire-free interactive Lightsource starts in automatic sequencing mode. Press any of the coloured buttons to override this and make the fibre optics red, yellow, green, blue, orange, cyan or magenta.

The 8-way Button Switch will also accept any switch.

Ideal for basic cause and effect, colour recognition and developing communication skills. Requires a Fibre Optic Sideglow. Operates on 240v transformed to 12v.

Softplay Fibre Optic Tunnel
An exciting piece of equipment which incorporates a fibre optic carpet. Climb through the tunnel to experience a colourful, twinkling world of light.
Lay on the tunnel floor and reach out and touch the sparkling fibres.
Available in Interactive which comes complete with a switch.
Size: 910mmW x 1200mmL x 760mmH.

Swing Arm Fibre Optic Harness
Quick and easy to install, the new Swing Arm Fibre Optic harness is a practical alternative to the Fibre Optic Curtain Kit.
The swing arm allows movement of 180 degrees so it helps bring the fibre optics closer to the user and can then be moved out of the way when not in use.
Supplied with 3m 150 strand sideglow and Mini LED Lightsource which operates on 240v transformed to 12v.
Overhang: 1220mm.

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