Effect Wheels

OPTI Kinetics create the finest, non digital, Projection Effects in the world. The OPTI Kinetics range standard effects is unsurpassed, ever growing Effect Wheels

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Projected on their own Effects are a fantastic and varied mix of light, colour and attention grabbing images. When Effects Wheels are combined together spectacular new projected images emerge. From simple distortions to project reflected water effects to mind blowing light shows created by combining effects on multiple Effects Projectors, using different Lenses, Prisms, Mirrors add the ability to produce custom effects and the possibilities become almost limitless.

OPTI Kinetics 6 inch Effects Wheels contain images, shapes or effects that move through the projected image area creating continuously changing images at speeds that are governed by the choice of 6 inch Wheel Rotator.

OPTI Max 9 inch Effect Wheels were designed to produce a range of panoramic picture effect wheels with more content, on a flatter plane than 6 inch Effect Wheels.

The first Max 9 inch Effect Wheels were developed for use in multi-sensory environments for people of all ages. Max 9 inch Effect Wheel contains almost double the graphic content of the more widely known Kinetics 6 inch Effect Wheels.

Max 9 inch Effect Wheels have proved to be very popular and new designs are being developed to cater for all special needs, ages and abilities.

In multi-sensory environments ease of use is vitally important and so Max 9 inch Effect Wheels can be installed and removed from Solar and Sensory Effects Projectors without the need for any tools.

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